What makes Burrito Grande Mexican Food unique is the delicious authentic Mexican dishes, wonderful friendly service, where they make customers feel part of their family. Carlos and his family have put their heart and soul into providing the best service where you can enjoy eating tacos, burritos, chile verde and enchiladas, thus tantalizing your taste buds. Beautiful painted colored walls and hand painted Mexican murals enhance the décor.

Soto family

The Soto Family – June 2000

 All of Carlos’s family have worked together to make what Burrito Grande is today. Whether it’s Lulu (his wife) as cook or hostess, Saray (his daughter) as a hostess, Elias (his son) as a waiter or cook, and even Arely (his youngest daughter) as a busgirl. Burrito Grande is a family owned business and that is what makes this restaurant so unique and special.


Welcoming the youngest in the family, Arely Soto – February 2004

Carlos and his wife Lulu are what you call the classic American dream that you can make your dreams comes true in this country with a lot of perseverance, hard work, love, passion, sacrifice and teamwork. Both were born and raised in Mexico City, but their was not to meet there. Carlos and Lulu left their homes without any money or idea on what challenges were to come to find their American dream.

carlos and lulu

Carlos and Lulu Soto – 2000

 Carlos and Lulu found each other in San Diego, California, where they first met and fell in love. They both had a common goal and that was to reach American and their dream, and they are lucky to have found each other to accomplish this dream together.

Carlos had always worked in managing business since he was a young adult by working for his father running his grocery and liquor store. Lulu’s father was a shoemaker and made shoes for everyday Mexican citizens down to famous Mexican celebrities; she helped her father run the business.

When Carlos arrived in America he worked in restaurants as a dishwasher and cook; he also managed restaurants for other people. Lulu worked as a cashier at Shell gas stations. When things got tough they enjoyed each other’s company and would cook great authentic Mexican dishes for each other that their parents and grandparents had cooked for them. They decided that they wanted to open a family restaurant to share their wonderful mouthwatering recipes with the world, so they decided to save their money.

Years of hard work paid off, and, they had enough money saved up. In 2000 they opened their first restaurant – a small building located at 3836 South Washington Boulevard, Ogden Utah, with only nine tables available, but that was soon to change. Word of mouth spread fast on the authenticity and favorable Mexican dishes they had to offer. In the following years, they opened two more restaurants, one located in Roy on Midland Drive, and one in Clearfield, and still with plans to open more restaurants.

first restaurant

Our first restaurant at 3836 Washington Blvd, Ogden, Utah – June 2002

Carlos and Standard Examiner

Featured in Standard Examiner, “Labor of Love” – May 2013

BURRITO GRANDE welcomes you to our family restaurant. Bienvenidos!